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I think beauty and memories need to be captured to be looked at again and again and passed down to those who come after us.

My Portfolio is my story of my travelling through this land of images.
Yes you will find that some will be clumsy, not exposed or composed as well as they should be. But this will change as time goes on,
as I become better at this craft called Photography.
If you are honest with yourself, you will never stop learning. The person who says that they know everything has a fool for a teacher.

My gear:

    This is the main gear that I use.

    My camera is a DSLR Canon 800D.
    18-55mm Lens.[Canon]
    55-250mm Lens.[Canon]
    0.45x Super Wide angle Lens.
    2x Telephoto Lens.
    Prinzgalaxy 1:5.6 300mm Telephoto Lens.
    Yongnuo Speedlight YN460.
    Meike FC100 Ring Flash light.
    Meike Mk-Reb Remote Switch.
    XC Source Filters.
    CPL Filter
    UV Filter
    Double Battery Pack.
    K&F Oncept kf-tm2515t Tripod.


Jeffery J Gale
Unanderra, NSW. 2526. Australia.
Telephone:+61 4209900708